Asbury Park Review by

Photo by Allen Foster

Photo by Allen Foster

By: Allen Foster

It’s the heart of summer and most of the nation is caught in a sweltering heat wave, but last night, no place on earth sizzled with such exhilarating intensity as Tim McLoone’s Supper Club in Asbury Park, New Jersey. Iconic singer/songwriter Sophie B. Hawkins captivated the crowd with her wit, her charm, her dazzle, and, of course, her voice.

As a testament to her irresistible appeal, a great part of the show was devoted to music that has not even been released yet. Whereas that kind of a choice might have been disastrous for nearly any other performer, for Sophie it was perfect. She opened up a door, inviting the audience in for a guided tour of something very private and exclusive, ultimately creating a special bond that was unique to the people who were in the room last night.

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