From the Cornfields of Illinois

Hello from the cornfields of Illinois! On our way to Midway airport, the show last night was fun, however, we were the last ones standing. I have a feeling this morning that the problem of 12 to 20 percent unemployment throughout the country is to blame. I heard and saw volumes of what’s wrong with the powers that be, and I woke with a strong sense that what is wrong is that we, the people, allow ourselves to be used and don’t stand up and take responsibility for what we hate about ourselves, our lives and our country.

It’s time to stop blaming people who we perceive as stronger and more powerful or mean, and STOP MAKING EXCUSES for the people who are destructive and bitter towards others and themselves. Are you one of those people? If you are, find the spiritual strength to live your truth. It’s now or never.

I loved reading the words of Sophia in Alice Walker’s book, The Color Purple, “White folks is a miracle of affliction” when I was young. Now that I’m less young I realize that so is Black folk, so is Hispanic folk, so is all folk. You wanna say to white people “welcome to our world” now that it’s fine to say out loud how racist you are? NEWSFLASH: we’ve all been in the same toxic world for thousands of years. The people on top keep changing, but the people on the bottom remain the same.

Its time to change and be an example for our children. Its time to realize that if you are racist you are being used. You are just an ignorant pawn in the game of greed and power. Black people enslave black people to this day. Hispanics are as racist as
any group of people I have ever witnessed. And of course, the brutality of white people is well documented. Muslims, Jews, Christians, too. But the irony is, we are 99% the same. We share cultures, we share ideas, we share toilets and we share this world. You wanna watch this country fall while saying to whitey “welcome to our world”? Then you are low level. You are seething with self abuse. You are worthy of the mind that entraps you. The same goes for all of us. The high people are the folks who love, wholeheartedly, the humanity in everyone.

The high people make bridges – emotionally, spiritually and intellectually – so we can all cross, one by one, to higher ground. In fact, in America today there is an abundance of high level, generous, creative people who are immensely, IMMENSELY, successful and BRAVE. The next time you wanna put someone down in bitterness for oppressing you, think of someone who came from even lower than you who rose up and is now an ambassador to the world. Who is really keeping you down, beside your self? Be the 1%, if you dare.

Sophie B. Hawkins
Sunday morning