Happy Belated Mother’s Day

Hello out there! I want to say happy belated mother’s day to everyone, because you don’t have to have a human baby to be a mother, it’s the essence of wanting to take care of another being, doing things to help them be healthy, happy, and self assured.

My greatest mother’s day moment was the evening before at around eight pm, Dash’s bedtime. We were at his grandmothers doing this and that outside and we heard a fluttering in the gutter spout, we went in to get tools and ended up using our hands to pull out a very condensed and big nest of a bird. The bird had not lived to fly away, and I was very sad until, just as we were walking into the alley to go home, there was another fluttering sound and a bird flew out and up into the dusky sky. How happy we were! And then, more fluttering and we reached in to pull out another nest, this time the bird was entrapped in the dry weave but still alive. We put the nest and the bird in a cage and sang all the way home, about nurturing the bird back to strength. We gave it Dash’s old baby food (‘cause he’s so grown up now), but by the time Dash had his bottle the bird had died. The middle one lived, though, and we had the experience of saving, and trying to save, another’s life.

I’ve been so happy to meet new people at these last shows, and I’m really stoked that my next group of shows, starting with Anthology in San Diego, are giving to the Waterkeeper’s Alliance. That’s exactly what I wanna do with my music. I hope you will come to a show, and I hope you will down load The Land the sea and the sky ‘cause every penny will go to saving the birds and cleaning the water in the Gulf. So much more to come!

Love, Sophie