Hello everyone, we’re flying home now, after a day and a half in Vermont. We slept where Robert Frost sleeps, his dust, anyhow. Vermont is peaceful, quiet as the snow that preserves it. There’s a place for every stage of life, every personality, every endeavor. I always thought I’d be in one place for all my existence, and essentially maybe that’s the way it is. We adapt, but do we really change who we are? That’s how a mother knows her child from the moment of birth, and what she does with the knowledge says allot about her, because the child will be who the child was born to be, who the child is.

I loved this pre-new song cycle stint, it was a great adventure and a tremendous lift, musically. I had such a good time meeting some of you and I am grateful to those who showed up, even in spirit. I will be touring allot soon, with the new stuff, so keep your ears peeled and coats buttoned up to be ready for a sloshy, splashy, rebirth this Spring.

Sophie B.