Wiz Wit

Tonight I did something I never thought I’d do, in fact, I think I said I would never do it. I ordered a Pepper Mushroom wiz wit from Pat’s on Passyunk. And I ate it all. They even pushed a costumer aside to hand Berry some chopped steak, who ate it on the bar outside with the rest of us.

A fine end to a fabulous evening with my Philly friends, I also walked around before the show and discovered Olde City Coffee. Now I’m set to come back in the spring. Jimmy Paxson is playing drums with me on this tour, and Ed Roth is playing keyboards. What a musical reunion, so alive and creative, and playing with Stevie Nicks seems to have let Jimmy tap into a whole nother level which he’s bringing to these shows.

I feel we’re going new places every moment, I’m excited on stage, and comfortable ‘cause that’s where we should be, securely on the edge. The road is lovely, dark and deep, but we have miles to go before we sleep.

See you in Maine, Sophie

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