Hello new friends and old

Hello new friends and old, I’m seriously in love. Blowing rock blew me away, the audience, the pungent grass, the mists like dragons’ breath and the succulent rain. And Bonnie and Jamie, who hosted us and took such excellent care of us at Westglow, and Missy, what fine and generous people, I really would like to import my life to the blue mountains right now.

I got caught in the rain on a dirt road and I felt as alive or more than when I was a child alone in a summer storm. How strange and mysterious life is; I didn’t want to leave home for this short tour, and now it is as if the flights and roads and shows were a route taking me to Blowing Rock.

My 4th was very soulful, we performed and then Bonnie DJ’d an emotional exposition of fire works. It started with our hands over our hearts facing the American flag and singing the national anthem on the portico that overlooked the ravishing dark blue mountains, and ended with Judy Garland singing “somewhere over the rainbow”. In between was Ray Charles singing America The Beautiful, Annie Lenox with American Prayer, Simon and Garfunkle’s “I’ve come to Look for America, which affected me the most, and some artists with patriotic songs I hadn’t heard but really loved. When someone puts it all together like that it is as if I’m in a great production of a play I adore, the point just before the last act ends. I realize things and I say, “how could I have not seen this before?” It’s a jump in awareness and I feel humbled by the work and vision of people around me I either hadn’t known or simply hadn’t recognized.

I’m swimming in a warm pool of emotions, like the one at Westglow, wondering how to paint what I feel, in words, chords and colour.

Bye, Sophie