Happy 4th my friends and fellows!

We had a wonderful show last night with Edwin McCain. Among the many lovely humans there were two women, Fran and Kelly, and when I started to play Fran apparently said to Kelly, “she sounds like Sophie B.
Hawkins” and then 3 songs later I said my name, that’s deep in this world of sound bombs.

It is so fun to play for an audience that doesn’t come for me, even when I offend people for being myself. Although I find more that people discover new aspects within their own context; for instance Maria and Cesar like my “Christian undertones”, which is not schooled, or sought after, it just flows through as a truth of my existence.

North Carolina is billowing with impending rain, the leaves are white side up, the clouds are folding into the sky like pillows into twisted sheets. Wow, look at all this farmland, yellow daffodils and cops. Last time I played here it was for Hillary Clinton, that was sure a different time, sometime I’ll discuss what has happened between then and now, or perhaps I won’t have to. Perhaps its in the new album, perhaps its in the air, I’ve been having fascinating conversations with people coming to the show, people I haven’t known and yet we have similar trajectories to our thoughts. All I can say is; I felt isolated and now I feel part of a movement, like a buffalo who found her heard. Gotta a show in blowing rock tonight, Aaron Copeland is on the radio and it’s all wide open.