Notes From Florida

Hello there, we’re leaving Savannah, Georgia listening to Sinatra on the radio in the blaring heat. History is everywhere on this American holiday weekend. Last night we listened to Lincoln’s Gettysburg address, and Kate Hepburn playing the Aaron Copeland Lincoln piece. Now “Young At Heart” is playing, how true!!!!! What great lyrics, all the self help books can’t conquer this simply wonderful feeling of happy expectation. On the RoadNow Mel Torme is scatting about Sweet Georgia Brown’s big feet! So neat. I met some great kids last night in South Carolina, I’d never been there before, what a treat. Alligators, too. And Edwin McCain is stupendous, and nice, I feel specially lucky to be on his stage. july2009-2a There are allot of rebels out here, I love the rebels, its high time for the thinkers whose thoughts are creating a disturbance in the stagnant pool of power bloated muck monsters. Washington, Wall Street, I’d trade you all for a Georgia peach in a hot, southern second. july2009-3a Now its Peggy Lee, oh please! The folks who like to be called what they have always been called-the folks who live on the hill.. I’ll see some of you tonight, Sophie