On The Road

Hello, its me. I’m driving from Nevada through to Utah, the clouds peace making, they are like rock faces in the sky, the more I look the easier it is to invert them with the mountains. Will people live in this desert someday, my god there are craters, or will there always be this wonderful hollow voice of spirit telling the stories of all and no time, unbroken by our chatter.

I am every hour becoming a mother, and it takes all that, the transformation is omnipresent, least of all physically. For me it has been like out here in the desert setting sun, a growing voice of pure existence, a trust in listening, clearing, letting things fall away, finding truer strength and knowing a call, a calling, beyond what my will can manifest. When I received the award from the Marine Academy for my devotion to the turtles I said I didn’t show up for a grammy nomination but I jumped on a plane lickety split for this. I said my son will be so proud of this award, and I thought how clear the bond of nature is between us, already.

I had such a great time exploring Buzzards Bay in bare feet before driving to Rockland, Maine for two days. I never knew how Maine really is, water everywhere and almost pristine, I think because the harsh winters quell the growth, so come Spring there is an exuberance unmatched in the woods and fields. And even by summer’s end, there is no sense of lilting or dragging beneath the weight of the sun, rebirth is flowing in the river under Camden town and underfoot. It is always sad going West from the East for me, but there is still a great sense of purpose in it, in the work I’m doing and even in the separation from one beloved and opening up to another, more difficult one.

Now I know more than ever there is a time for everything, and everything has it’s time. Something’s have all time. Ok for now, I put a segment of a new demo on the short, rough film “we will not be silenced”. You tube it. Bye, from the pungent Zion national park.