Bucks Co, Pa

Well I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love Pennsylvania! This visit had an extra special gift in that I was playing for a Hillary Clinton fundraiser at Puck Live in Doylestown, and I got to listen to the stories of William Jefferson Clinton in person. What an amazing duo Hillary and Bill Clinton are, they are both so different yet utterly complimentary, such complex mixtures on warmth, intellect and in the moment responsiveness. His speaking is as riveting as reading Mark Twain for the first time, and her handshake is as comforting as the feelings evoked by the song “Grandma’s Hands” by Bill Withers.

The next morning at 7 am I went for a walk from the farm we stayed at to a country store about an hour away and all I could do in the cold, green and gold light was pray for Hillary to win. That family back in the White House, after all EVERYONE in this country has been through, will be our rebirth as a nation and a people. I know we don’t all feel the same way, but my experience and my instinct tell me Hillary is the true answer, and the media will distort the truth as they are wont to do, but to spend some time with Hillary and Bill, and to look into the good works they do in office and out, to hear what people say who have been positively effected by their commitment to “hard working Americans”, which we ALL are, is a life changing experience. I am not moved by the other candidates, I will admit, by my life has been changed by the generosity, vision and doggedness of Hillary and Bill Clinton.

In their faces, the Clinton family, I see America, all colors and races and possibilities. I see great Americans, as profoundly great as Franklin D. Roosevelt and Eleanor Roosevelt, I see the future of a world that can work together, heal together, stand for positive change together, the way they do, as a family. I wish I could show everyone who doesn’t agree with me what I see and hear and feel, but, it’s a tough time and I’m not one to get in anybody’s face, and, more to the point, the candidates really do speak well for themselves. (Which is why Hillary will emerge triumphant!) I’m lucky that I can channel my belief into my music and performances, and the feedback I’ve gotten has been just this: there is so much love and passion in my support of Hillary Clinton, and I hope that can reverberate into this dialogue, this grueling and exposing process which we are all actively involved in. I also had fun climbing on the hood of the car and stapling posters up. And, I love Pennsylvania!

Your’s, Sophie

P.s. My friends asked me if Bill is really in support of Hillary, as the media would make one question, and my unequivocal response is that I stake my life on the truth and the fact that he wants nothing more than his wife’s total success, and that he knows she’ll be even a better president than he was. Maybe one of the best this country will ever have.