May 2007

Hello there, I had a great time performing with the exceptional women at Boston’s “most inspiring event”, as it is referred to throughout Beantown.

This is my second time to have the joy of being at this event, the last time was 2002 or three when I received an award.
There is nothing political or showbizzy about this ceremony, the women chosen to get awards are survivors and navigators, creators and true trailblazers that do what they do mostly anonymously, with the soul of service and gratitude in mind.

I think rather than describe each woman I’ll scan in the program, but just a quote from Billie Jean King as told by Leslie Visser, who had the room rolling on the floor with laughter, “pressure is a privileg”. So true, there’s a utopian wish that when things are going really well all will be smooth sailing, time for everything, but it’s the opposite. The better things are really going, the more chaotic and frustrating it is to complete something, achieve something new. But, relaxing within the privilege of pressure is accepting the privilege with grace. We create it, after all.

I’m done with my demos for the next record, and I expected to be recording it with musos right now, but I got an opportunity to write for a broadway musical (songs, of course) and it’s an opportunity I can’t let pass me by. Also, I have a brand going that just may take off by year’s end, and it’s connected to a charity, so I want to hold off the release of the new record until then.

So silly to think in terms of albums anymore, even though creatively that seems like a natural cycle. The flow is interrupted, I feel, by the need to market oneself in this nano second culture. One has to sell one’s songs on a phone.

For me, it’s still about great songs, however they work themselves into the universe.

Tonight I’m playing the Long Beach pride and just before the Indigo Girls, yay!!!!!! I can’t wait to hear their show. Right now, however, I’m crunched in a car seat slathered in cashmere, my dogs sprawled over me. It’s 8:45 a.m .and the ports of call clouds are anchored, it seems, for the duration.

Did I mention I did a duck tour in Boston? S