On the Way to JFK…

Alloh, (that’s the french version of Holla-backwards), we’re on the highway to JFK, past the stone walls that awe us because farmers 300 years ago carried the rocks to the edge of the fields they were cultivating with their own hands. They are more beautiful than most art, and they are still standing, monuments of independence and self sufficiency.

We’ve been talking in the car about all the properties for sale, the great old barns with roofs caved in, what has happened to farming, to farms, to farmers that aren’t corporations. Through the maze of political discussions of electoral vs. Popular votes, the result of subsidizing farmers, Reaganomics, the recession in the 80’s, the only consistent beacon of capitalism being that corporate greed can be traced back from almost every ill, Dazza and I agreed that Philanthropy is the saving grace of this society. And the people who think and act for themselves.

The movie stars, say I, are the real political figures now, while politicians are just milking the broken system. Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Sean Penn, Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins, Oprah, Bill Gates, so many generous, conscious, incredibly caring people, doing all they do for the right reasons, there is nothing to be cynical about with these leaders. They change individuals, they change lives and yet, journalists have asked me the question time and time again, are these famous people really activists, what is the validity of their actions….it really begs the question; who else is getting good things done? See, I believe in humanity, and I think its because the government has become so untrustworthy and unprogressive that these individuals with Leverage have stepped up to the plate. It’s checks and balances, It’s true democracy, it’s what we were raised on and obviously it seeped in. Yay! And more and more I see why the general sovereignty of a state is crucial to the health of this country, because it’s the only way to rebel against the corporate government. It gives leverage to the people to vote on what’s good for them, like say New Hampshirians want to only buy local produce, keep their farmers alive and their community in tact, they could do that, as long as there are enough people in New Hampshire to buy the produce. I think the same thing could happen for alternate energy sources, California would be a big enough state to make it work, and yes the people of Cali didn’t vote on the alternate fuel prop this time, but allot voted for it, and next time, it could pass. Blah blah blah. It’s mired and slow but it’s still moving. Almost at the plane. Take care, S.