Good morning from the New Jersey Turnpike again

Good morning from the New Jersey Turnpike again, we had the best New York show I can remember. Thank you for bringing in that scintillating energy, my New York family. I felt I was celebrating being home with you.
Jason in Boston the night before asked why I named the Whaler album Whaler. It’s a strange answer.

At that time I had returned from living in London, and I had a big, stuffed Babar named Whaler. And the babar with the green vest I had bought myself sometime during the first album, Tongues and Tails, when I realized a great love was never to be mine.

The name Whaler was from my childhood, after the 200 year old whaling boats that docked in the Town of Sag Harbor, L.I., and also in Massachusetts where we took the ferry every summer.

I don’t know why the name Whaler comforts me, it’s a past life relationship to the world of whaling, the masts, the docks, the widow’s walks, the blubber pots, and now, in this time, the whale songs, the threatened extinction of the great, intelligent species, the decline of humanity from the brave living poetry to the killing machine. So there’s the weeping, the wailing, and the strong independence and sweet songs travelling through the shadowed sea.

Now, we’re leaving Philadelphia and we had a great time, I discovered a painter named Naswadba, a “new French impressionist”- I have decided I must study. A painting in the window of the Newman Gallery told me, the technique that is not brushes-the knife, I suppose. So I’m excited, cause at the Met in my city I bought a book that tells of drawing technique, I snatched it after the Americans in Paris exhibit. After tonight I’m off the road to dive into getting my next album sculpted and exploring painting on a deeper level. I hope.

My manager, Gigi, went into a meeting for her other act at Wind Up and came out with allot of new releases-they’re all great to listen to, but, are we in the 80’s again? First I saw the jeans and the hair 2 years ago, and now the 80’s has usurped the music scene. This gives me a chance to find the art in it, cause I ran from the 80’s in the 80’s. I took the AA train down town to 8th street and snuck into Pink Flamingos and Gimme Shelter in my army jacket, which I guess kids are still doing. So listen babies, I love to read your letters, I love meeting you for the first time, and seeing you again. The connection is so very real that I feel among the most blessed, because I love to take it in. Onward to the Berkshires, birthplace of W.E.Dubois. S.