Notes From The Road: Orlando and Jacksonville


We are in a driving rain storm, thunder, lightning, every time it rains I feel like a child. Private, unknown, a part of the grey solitude. New York in the rain is more like stone than anywhere else, an island adrift in the universe, veils of black, white and purple opening and closing onto the swishing street. Red lights, green lights, amber yellow, keeping the pulse, calmly signaling the way in the darkening afternoon. The hush that comes with rain in the city, maybe everything will stop, because inside of everyone there is a significant pause.

But we’re on the road to Orlando, lightning zapped the green marsh and there were flames for a moment. Rock is trying to zigzag around cars so we can catch a glimpse of ‘cat woman’ and her ‘kitty’. Gigi wants me to email our assistant rather than write road notes, and speaking of letters, I wanted to thank Chris in Chicago for his. Beautifully written. And, as the drops fire onto the window shield all over again in rapturous omnipotence, I want to also thank David @ the Modesto gig for your words.

Later, S.


I am revived!!!!! We just peeled out of Waffle House on our way to Jacksonville, Rock’s regggae mix is scuffling through our ear holes, and the sexy rain mist is just ahead. Last night was really a blast, House Of Blues brimming over with gaiety, there were even butches in the men’s room flawlessly aiming at the urinals (so I heard).

It was so mixed though, that it was difficult to make the right song choices. I’ve decided that I want, instead of people coming up to me and saying why don’t I play such and such, that you should make me a set list. Yes, write the set list you want us to play and Janice will tell you how to post it, I’m not promising to play your exact set, unless it feels groovy, but I will incorporate your suggestions for sure. I realized that I don’t know which songs are your favorites, except the obvious, so I’d love to know.

I got your responses about which democratic candidate showed up to help the Katrina victims, and yes, Bill Clinton, but he’s not running for office now. My point is, there isn’t one person connected to us Americans willing to give meaning to our struggles with our government, with our lives as Americans. Everyone is just blabbing, playing one reactive issue off another in this superficial popularity contest. We should all demand more, as one, I bet it wouldn’t be so hard to find out the issues that are important to every single American, regardless of prejudice and circumstance. Global warming could be on it, getting off fossil fuels could be another, education, child care for working parents, healthcare for everyone, teachers getting paid more, tax cuts for individuals who serve the country instead of for corporations that drain it. Its easy when we deal in common sense. Does anyone know of the Ozzy Helen Condicott or Coldicott or something? She’s beyond brilliant and relatable, I need to put a link up so you can hear this broad speak.

Oh, I love this earth so, and I even love humanity, I can’t help it, I want to help all components work together with respect and dignity. Did anyone go to Ashes and Snow? I wept, I went home and donated twenty boxes of shit I don’t really need anymore, so permeated was I by the heavenly beauty of humans quietly, graciously living in the balance with Animals, Mammals, Birds and the Earth as the true stewards, the real sages and oracles. I may go so far as to say that the humans were not dominant, were as children, even the old humans, appeared to exist with utter deference toward all other species. Innocence, even reenforced by experience. There is a poetry and poignancy in the innocence of transgressing into experience, songs of innocence and experience, but there is another poetry of wrestling with experience to rise up innocent, not naive, not blind, but accepting all and choosing freedom of the heart.

Almost at Jax, gotta put you away. S