Every Hot Summer Body!

We are in Fla touring, actually, first show is tonight at the Bamboo Room…sold out, yay! Tommorrow night we go to the HOB in Orlando  and onward to The Fuel Coffeehouse in Jacksonville on June 3rd. I went swimming for the first time this summer in Palm Beach Ocean, I drug my thighs through the entangling seaweed and dove in, irregardless of what was in there. I asked a sunning beach chair lady as I approached the sea, “are there sharks in there?” She looked at me askance.

Anyhoo, I’m reading Mrs Dalloway on the planes again, why is it so much more powerfull each time I read a V. Wolfe book? Great summer reading because it’s sensual and eternal, states of mind perfect for lying prostrate on the tender sand. Even if it’s for ten minutes before load in.

Does anyone recall if there was a democratic candidate at the site of New Orleans after Katrina hit, when all of us regular Americans were doing everything we could for our affected fellow beings?

Some people flew thier planes, some took thier boats, some went on foot to help the animals, even I saved as many dogs as I could…but was there a democratic candidate actually there, helping people? I probably missed it, but we were arguing in the car last night, about who could actually step up and stand for something, and this question arose. Dazza said something interesting, that immigration was the new “gay marriage” card, a sort of divide and conquer strategy. What think you?

Enough of that, I’m playing, here there and everywhere, I saw one of the most beautiful towns in America last week, Cedarburg Wisconsin, lord have mercy do I want to go back. (someday).

Does anyone else ever have that sense when you get to a place, “this is where I’d like to raise children” or, “this is where I’d like to paint in obscurity”, or, “this is where I’m going to write a novel”, or, “this is where I’m going to study the sky”?

I met an Ozzy couple in the airport, they were from Sydney and so excited to be visiting mythic New York, and wanted me to tell them everywhere to go. I named every possible place in Central Park and then I threw in Mulberry street…and then if you want Chinese vegetarian food walk accross Canal to Mott street. I felt I couldn’t tell them anything about New York, I pounded my chest with my fist, “New York is my heart” I said. She nodded empathetically. What is this connection between Sydney and New York. Maybe the Dutch cast a spell, set the whole thing in motion. So, I’ll see you in some town soon.