One Bright Shining Moment

Hello my friends, I’m not very politically articulate so I usually shy away from expressing my views except when it involves the earth and other sentient beings beside humans, but this is a documentary that profoundly stirred me last night. It’s called “One Bright Shining Moment, the Forgotten Summer of George McGovern.”

I often ponder how and why America has gotten to this point where we the people are so manipulated by and so disappointed in a government that was chiseled out and formed in the light of such great minds, which has functioned often so that glorious human change could become the new landscape of society.

This documentary shows allot, and it’s good to clean your palate on a Senator and would be presidential candidate like McGovern, he has it all, and the people who fought and protested and were killed because they shouted the truth had finally won the possibility of  an extraordinarily just and sophisticated Country , and why it was lost………it is important to understand, even if you disagree, where our country switched to the track it’s on now, how precise were the defining moments.

Everyone says we need a leader, well, this guy was one, along with Martin Luther King Jr., and although he wasn’t shot, he was derailed, the people of this country were derailed, and the train went on.

So, I’d like to know what you feel when you watch it, or even if you don’t, our times in many chilling ways mirror the times of McGovern-you’ll see.

Take care and support the environment,