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Sophie B. Hawkins Speaks Out About Bullying, Will Participate in #SpiritDay

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Performer Sophie B. Hawkins, who is currently starring in a Los Angeles stage production of Room 105: The Highs and Lows of Janis Joplin, will be wearing purple during her performance as Joplin this Friday in support of Spirit Day. The play has received rave reviews

Regarding her stance against bullying and how it relates to the role she’s currently playing, Hawkins said, “The bully is trying to kill that part in themselves which the gay child represents: love, vulnerability, and a passion for creativity. The gay child must survive and learn to love themselves, and through this journey, like what Janis Joplin was able to with her music, the bully will be inspired to do the same. Then the onslaught of hatred will become an onslaught of love.”

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The New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NYSPCC) 2010 Gala

Sophie performed at the gala event held November 18, 2010 at the Plaza Hotel in Manhattan for The New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.

The 135-year-old nonprofit, the first of its type, helps victims recover from the trauma of abuse and counsels child care professionals. It also set up a program in the New York City schools that teaches some 1,700 children the difference between proper and harmful touching.

“This gala is very important for me because the society really knows how to take care of children,” said Hawkins, whose emotional struggles were chronicled in “The Cream Will Rise,” a 1998 documentary directed by her manager and filmmaker, Gigi Gaston. “I didn’t have that until I was in my 30s,” she said of the therapy provided by the society.

Read’s article about the event and Sophie’s participation.

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On the Gulf

Hey there people of the light, I’ve been on Baretaria bay with Dan Sinykin, his partner and Gigi collecting oil with his sheep wool. It worked amazingly well, although there was so much toxic dispersant in the water we were chasing clumps of gooey cake batter rather than laying it over a slick.

The dispersant smells like bathroom cleaner, and it’s strange to sniff that odor in the middle of a beautiful bay. Why do the dolphins jump and play around our boats with so much crap in their water?

The fishermen were very glad we were there, so were the Hazwopers. I didn’t want to go, to be perfectly honest, there is no time as it is to be at home, relaxing and creating with my beautiful son and fur babies, but I had to take this opportunity. I just had to experience for myself WHY the oil isn’t being cleaned up. WHY aren’t American entrepreneurs working with the local fisherfolk, going out on boats, wading through marshes to try new and age old technologies for cleaning up the delicate eco-systems.

We were met with gratitude by the fishing community, but came up against the same damn barriers they are hitting. We were blocked at every turn but we managed to get out there and try Dan’s product anyhow. We were even stopped on the water by sherifs, but they were cool…I don’t want to say too much. Dan will go back to his factory/ laboratory and finesse his product. This is just what we have to be able to do, in my opinion. More later!



In 2010,  Sophie affiliated herself with Waterkeeper Alliance, an organization of on-the-water advocates who patrol and protect over 100,000 miles of rivers, streams and coastlines in North and South America, Europe, Australia, Asia and Africa.

The Waterkeeper Alliance are the first line of defense during the BP Gulf oil disaster recovery. The Gulfwaterkeepers on scene are FL: Apalachicola Riverkeeper and Emerald Coastkeeper. AL: Mobile Baykeeper, LA: Louisiana Bayoukeeper and Lower Mississippi Riverkeeper. Also working to clean up the ocean waters and beaches are volunteers, marine biologists, environmental advocates, and members of each of the coastal communities who have been affected.

Sophie launched a new eco-message single, “The Land, the Sea and the Sky” for sale at I-Tunes with all proceeds going to the Waterkeeper Alliance.

The Save Our Gulf website has been established by Waterkeeper Alliance to coordinate the efforts of Gulf Waterkeepers who are fighting to proctect the Gulf Coast. Please visit the website to learn how you can help.

Imagine the long term effects of this disaster, just because we don’t see the devastation, like another disaster we see directly and react to immediately with an outpouring of money and love, doesn’t mean it isn’t as bad. As Einstein said, we need to expand our circle of compassion. — Sophie

How Could This Happen in 2008

Race Is Over’: Polling Firm to Quit Asking Clinton Questions National polling firm Rasmussen Reports announced on Friday that it will stop polling people about the presidential campaign of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton because her opponent, Sen. Barack Obama, will win the Democratic nomination.” No matter who your candidate- there is no question that the media has treated Hillary Clinton with disdain and disrespect.

She is “Tanya Harding him, she is like Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction (this from NPR), she cackles, she is castrating, she needs to be taken behind the barn, she is in the drivers seat-and drives like a typical woman” and so it went. The DNC jumped if they thought there was any hint of race baiting but sexism-Hey- Iron my shirt bitch—no problem. This can never happen to a women in public life again. The media has determined how frightened we should be after 9/11 (yes, the NY Times included) and who we should nominate- No doubt they love John McCain as well -we’ll see who “they” choose for our President- Still not sure how women and the men who love them could let this happen? Is it just so endemic that we don’t even notice? We better start paying attention.

Quitters Never Win By Ellen R. Malcolm Saturday, May 10, 2008;

When I was growing up in the 1960s, I wanted to play basketball. In those days, the rules said girls could dribble only three steps and then had to pass the ball. To make sure we didn’t overexert ourselves, we weren’t allowed to cross the half-court line. It’s a wonder our fans (our mothers) could stay awake when a typical game’s final score was 14-10. It’s remarkable that my generation of women entered the workforce and began to compete in business, politics and the hurly-burly of life outside the home. How did we ever learn to locate, much less channel, our competitive instincts in a world that made us play half-court and assumed that we would be content staying home to iron the shirts? It’s a tremendous tribute to women of my generation that we sucked it up and learned to compete in the toughest environments.

Which brings us to Hillary Clinton running for president. This brilliant woman believes that she can compete for the most powerful office in the world. She believes that she can do a better job than any of the men running to lead our country through these challenging times. And millions of Americans, women and men, believe that she is correct.Yet over and over again the media and her opponents have claimed that she is defeated — it’s over, she can’t win, she’s a loser. And over and over again — in New Hampshire, on Super Tuesday, in Texas and Ohio, in Pennsylvania last month, and in Indiana this week — female voters poured out of their homes to cast their ballots for her. They know that women can compete, and they want to make sure that women, especially this woman, can win.

It’s not surprising that low-income working women are the cornerstone of Hillary’s success. Many of these women live on the edge of disaster. A pink slip, a family member’s illness, a parent who can no longer live alone, a car that won’t start or a mortgage rate that goes up — all are threats that could devastate the family. And yet these women do what women have done for ages. They put on a confident face, feed their children breakfast and get them off to school. They don’t quit. They suck it up and fight back against whatever life throws their way. They see in Hillary Clinton a candidate who understands the pressures they face. As they watch her tough it out against all odds, refusing to quit and continuing to compete against whatever the media and her opponents throw her way, they see a woman as tough and resilient as they are. They clearly want her to win. Her victory, I believe, is their victory.So here we are in the fourth quarter of the nominating process and the game is too close to call.

Once again, the opponents and the media are calling for Hillary to quit. The first woman ever to win a presidential primary is supposed to stop competing, to curtsy and exit stage right.Why on earth should one candidate quit before the contest is finished? Democrats need not be so fainthearted. Both of the party’s remaining candidates have raised tens of millions of dollars. Both have the respect of Democrats nationwide. Each has a progressive agenda that stands in stark contrast to Sen. John McCain and his adherence to Bush administration policies.So why are some Democrats so afraid? We simply need to count every vote, let the remaining states have their say and see the process through to its conclusion.Hillary Clinton certainly has the right to compete till the end. But I believe Hillary also has a responsibility to play the game to its conclusion. For the women of my generation who learned to find and channel their competitiveness, for the working women who never falter in the face of pressure, for the younger women who still believe women can do anything, Hillary is a champion. She’s shown us over and over that winners never quit and that quitters never win. We’ll cheer her on until the game is over. And we hope that when the final whistle blows, we will have elected the first female president and the best president our country has ever had.

The writer is founder and president of Emily’s List.

Sophie At Dallas Fundraiser

Sophie At A Dallas Fundraiser

Sophie Performing At A Dallas Fundraiser for Hillary
Photo by Lara Bierner

Bucks Co, Pa

Well I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love Pennsylvania! This visit had an extra special gift in that I was playing for a Hillary Clinton fundraiser at Puck Live in Doylestown, and I got to listen to the stories of William Jefferson Clinton in person. What an amazing duo Hillary and Bill Clinton are, they are both so different yet utterly complimentary, such complex mixtures on warmth, intellect and in the moment responsiveness. His speaking is as riveting as reading Mark Twain for the first time, and her handshake is as comforting as the feelings evoked by the song “Grandma’s Hands” by Bill Withers.

The next morning at 7 am I went for a walk from the farm we stayed at to a country store about an hour away and all I could do in the cold, green and gold light was pray for Hillary to win. That family back in the White House, after all EVERYONE in this country has been through, will be our rebirth as a nation and a people. I know we don’t all feel the same way, but my experience and my instinct tell me Hillary is the true answer, and the media will distort the truth as they are wont to do, but to spend some time with Hillary and Bill, and to look into the good works they do in office and out, to hear what people say who have been positively effected by their commitment to “hard working Americans”, which we ALL are, is a life changing experience. I am not moved by the other candidates, I will admit, by my life has been changed by the generosity, vision and doggedness of Hillary and Bill Clinton.

In their faces, the Clinton family, I see America, all colors and races and possibilities. I see great Americans, as profoundly great as Franklin D. Roosevelt and Eleanor Roosevelt, I see the future of a world that can work together, heal together, stand for positive change together, the way they do, as a family. I wish I could show everyone who doesn’t agree with me what I see and hear and feel, but, it’s a tough time and I’m not one to get in anybody’s face, and, more to the point, the candidates really do speak well for themselves. (Which is why Hillary will emerge triumphant!) I’m lucky that I can channel my belief into my music and performances, and the feedback I’ve gotten has been just this: there is so much love and passion in my support of Hillary Clinton, and I hope that can reverberate into this dialogue, this grueling and exposing process which we are all actively involved in. I also had fun climbing on the hood of the car and stapling posters up. And, I love Pennsylvania!

Your’s, Sophie

P.s. My friends asked me if Bill is really in support of Hillary, as the media would make one question, and my unequivocal response is that I stake my life on the truth and the fact that he wants nothing more than his wife’s total success, and that he knows she’ll be even a better president than he was. Maybe one of the best this country will ever have.

One Bright Shining Moment

Hello my friends, I’m not very politically articulate so I usually shy away from expressing my views except when it involves the earth and other sentient beings beside humans, but this is a documentary that profoundly stirred me last night. It’s called “One Bright Shining Moment, the Forgotten Summer of George McGovern.”

I often ponder how and why America has gotten to this point where we the people are so manipulated by and so disappointed in a government that was chiseled out and formed in the light of such great minds, which has functioned often so that glorious human change could become the new landscape of society.

This documentary shows allot, and it’s good to clean your palate on a Senator and would be presidential candidate like McGovern, he has it all, and the people who fought and protested and were killed because they shouted the truth had finally won the possibility of  an extraordinarily just and sophisticated Country , and why it was lost………it is important to understand, even if you disagree, where our country switched to the track it’s on now, how precise were the defining moments.

Everyone says we need a leader, well, this guy was one, along with Martin Luther King Jr., and although he wasn’t shot, he was derailed, the people of this country were derailed, and the train went on.

So, I’d like to know what you feel when you watch it, or even if you don’t, our times in many chilling ways mirror the times of McGovern-you’ll see.

Take care and support the environment,