A Note for Myspace

Hello everyone, I am very glad that you are here on Myspace, I’m glad that I’m here, too, because it seems like the best way to connect my work with you and your work, and also my friends with you and yours’. I sincerely hope that if you’ve gotten this far, you’ll continue on to my website, as that is where I can really go in depth, personally and creatively, and get to know you, as well, on another level.

I’m thrilled that allot of you who wondered what happened to me after “Damn, I Wish I Was Your Lover” and “As I Lay Me Down” are finding out that I’ve been making records, touring, painting and generally living and growing with the struggles and freedoms of being an artist. That’s why I left Sony in ‘99, to be the artist I started out as, and to become more and more of one with each challenge. Its my “raison d’etre”, and I’m sure you can relate to that.

So, if you knew the songs, but didn’t know the writer, singer, musician, here I am, I’m pleased to meet you and hear what you’re doing. If you knew me when the hits were hot, but didn’t know I’ve been keeping on creating and getting out there, I’m truly touched that your curiosity has brought our worlds together again.

And, for someone who doesn’t know any of my past, that’s so cool! I released Wilderness most recently, Timbre before that, Whaler before that, and my first album, Tongues and Tails, before that. I love my wild and strange career.

Now, I’m about to release a very raw, extremely lively combination of all the albums, its the Live double cd and it may be my favorite because its so REAL and I live the songs deeply in front of a raucous, seductive audience and really let them pull the moments out of me. You’ll hear, come to my website and read what fans have to say, or better, get it when it’s released. (Soon, just deciding whether to release it with full distribution in stores or just on the web and in concerts). We’ll put some tastes on the sophiebhawkins.com website soon, as well.

So my friends, I’m on the blackberry right now in a hospital, my friend is having a small operation, and then I’ll be in my studio working on my new record.

Love to you all,