Hello my friends…

Hello my friends on Myspace, I loved meeting a wild bunch of you in the flesh last night in Modesto. That was a ripping for me, like surfing on your energy, and it makes me want to do a touripoo of Cali for the Live record. I love when you say, “the records don’t do you justice”, because now I can say,”well this live album is an unadulterated version of what you heard and saw”. Nothing is like the give and take of being there,but I like having something that comes closer.

I wish we could have come out to dinner last night-or this morning, rather, but we had allot of loading to do and I have a photo shoot today. No bags allowed. Next time, in Modesto.

Just to catch up for a moment, I have these few shows but mostly I’m writing and recording for the next project, I’m also producing and writing for an ingénue and I want to finish this next song so I can dive into painting-my favorite ‘after completing a song’ treat. I’m making Giclees, by the way, some of you have asked about getting my paintings, and the first six are in production. I’ll paint on each one to make them special, that seems like an incredible exploration, to come back into a painting that’s finished and open up the doors of creating with it. How is everyone out there? What’s new for this summer? Is anyone going to actually take a vacation, do something that breaks the pattern, take a chance, break the self imposed rules? Fess up. I have an adventure in mind…anyway, take care of your spirits, I’m boarding the plane from Sacramento, I’ll see you on the edge.