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Back in the U.S.

Hello, I’m on the plane to come back to the good old U.S.A. London was delightful, it was the best time I’ve ever had there. I actually took one of those double decker bus tours and sat in the blue sky sun with those wispy, delicate clouds that stretch so lightly across the atmosphere in Spring and Summer.

Double Decker Bus

I enjoyed so much the thrill of learning more than I ever have, like the Lion the witch and the Wardrobe, walking into the furs and entering a continually unfolding and opening world, my imagination and the wonder of that which makes London London.

I admit I appreciated the bigness of each great design, the relevance and the one time only truth of it all more than even when I lived there. I almost took it for granted that “the sun never sets on the British Empire”. Indeed.


What I also understood is that in terms of humanity, it will never be so again, and so whatever it took to create these monuments of spirit and heroism; war, the endurance of suffering, sickness, intrigue and deceit, whatever it took, I’m thankful it got done.


No wonder Bill Gates came along and made our lives detour into cyberspace, there’s no more space and time here for such greatness. Evolutionally, it was the next jump. We have too many people and too many rules and too powerful weapons to create such stalwart, lasting glory. We are too commercial. Too “deserving”.

I also thought that if London or Sydney or New York or any city were being pounded like Lebanon is and Iraq was, it could never be built again. Never ever like it is. It would be vile. And it is. We have nothing to do as a humanity but to retreat. Retreat from war, retreat from Global Warming, retreat from greed and self-centeredness. We must pull back. We must retreat.

Gotta shut down, S.

Back in the U.S., stopping for a moment at Washington, Dulles. This is not America.

Plane Food

Did I mention there were bunnies outside the window at Guilford? That was fun, they stay out all night nibbling grass-as opposed to smoking it. That must be so healthy. For my dogs grass is coffee, for rabbits it’s food and for me it’s a place to lay down, especially when there are signs to “keep off”, like around the castle off High street. I fell asleep in the afternoon of the first day-I wasn’t the only one breaking the law-it was heaven.

I am reading “O Pioneers!” By Willa Cather, it’s so timely for me, it’s teaching me about enduring where I am with most flexible attitude, and enjoying the vision of what my patience and fortitude will divine, and appreciating a place I hitherto may have disparaged. It’s also just fantastic summer reading. Then I will start a book called “Mutant Message Down Under” given me by a lovely person at Guilfest.


Hello people of the light,

I’m on the plane to London for a concert in Guilford Surrey for the BBC. Guess what? I took a bio-diesel limo to the airport, and they had Biota water for the passengers, which are totally biodegradable bottles-made from corn and apparently go back to being corn like in the earth. Now, I saw “the Inconvenient Truth” and I am inspired afresh. I feel Gore is a mixture of an 18th century philosopher and Thoreau and himself. I want to support him, I sincerely hope he runs, I’m going to campaign for him until he decides to.

I’ve been researching all the alternative fuels and I’m trading in my truck when I get back from England. I feel very positive about what could be the direction of the U.S., if leaders like Gore can gain more and more momentum. My neighbors laughed at me last night when I was expounding upon the fleets of taxis, UPS and FEDEX vehicles becoming Hybrids, I was excited about the Brazilian Tribrids, I’m thrilled about the investment gurus backing Ethanol companies and technologies. Why do we have to ruin the Earth anymore, why do we have to be cynical and sad, it’s a lousy attitude. If I were a polar bear without an ice cap I’d want humans to plow forward with answers and innovations rather than regret.

I’d want hopeful children rather than despairing ones to think of me.
It’s true I get awfully frightened about the future of all beings, in the wee hours of the morning, and yet, that’s a sensible fear which is motivating, not debilitating. It’s a glorious morning. I hope to hear from you on these issues.

On the Way to Guilfest
On the Way to Guilfest

Bye for now, S.

(P.S. Hello to John Gentry Tennyson)