Bad Kitty Board Mix

Hey Babies, I’m sitting here in the afternoon, the cool palms of oceanic breeze are touching my cheek and running under the soles of me feet. I’ve been very, very busy, so much so that I haven’t had a summer moment, really, except one barbecue and two bike trips to the farmer’s market.

I’m moving, getting a new studio together, also building, and writing for the next album. It’s all very creative, the moving I’m grateful for because it makes me let go of stuff, and reflect upon the cycle I’m ending while I open up for the new one, and the building is awesome because I’ve prepared a long time for it and we’re using reclaimed timber, solar power, grey water etc. It’s also the neighborhood I identify the most with in these parts, and where my real studio already is. It’s a good place to have a root.

The song writing is going well, although it’s always strange to meet the new ones and wonder at the self that is emerging.
There is something else, too. The Bad Kitty Board Mix is coming out tomorrow. There is nothing so much to say about it except I’m glad it is, I feel it’s important in the stream of my work to let this go now, and it marks a bridge between my writing/recording life and our performing life. I say “our” because, as is clear on the Live album, it’s a relationship, between you and I, me and the Musos, the Musos and you, etc. Being able to have you own this album is also being able to have me own this aspect of my existence (reality as opposed to appearance, reality as presented in experience, the manner of being that is common to every mode of being-according to the dictionary!) and it’s influencing my next project.

Something, however, always has to go awry, and Janice called me today freaked that a whole section of thank you’s and even publishing information was left off the final printing. We have no idea why, and even though they (Lightyear) can put it on the next printing, I highly doubt the first 2 thousand or so will be recalled in order to put back what they mysteriously left off. It is nobody’s fault truly, we’ve all made our absolute best efforts to present you with a complete and accurate CD representationon of the people who so generously contributed. Please accept my apology for the mistake and let me say it right here until the next printing, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU GIGI GASTON, JANICE HAGEMAN, TAMARA SQUIRE, TERESA REYNOLDS, JERE ARNOLD, KATHLEEN HILL,  GINA SLEDGE, AND FRAN BAKER — WITH EVERY POUND OF MY SWIMMING, STRIVING, SLINKING, RUNNING, DREAMING BEING FOR YOUR GLORIOUS CONTRIBUTIONS TO MY LIFE, WORK AND YEARNING. THANK YOU FOR SHOWING YOU, SHOWING ME, AND SHOWING UP. I KNOW HOW IT FEELS TO BE LEFT OFF THE MARQUEE, AND IT WONT HAPPEN AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I Adore you, Sophie B. (Fie)