Notes From P-Town

Hello dearest oneletts, I know I’ve been remiss on documenting P-town, and I think that’s because it was so grueling performance wise, and on the other hand, so blissfully peaceful to paint in between.

The light, the sea, the dunes which I threw myself upon and wrote “I love you” to in the creamy orange sand, those gave to me, kissed me, held me in quiet raptures, but lawd it was hard getting the righteous sound to the peeps.

It was also hard on Gigi getting the righteous peeps in the club 2 times a night for all those blistering nights when every one should’ve been cuddled in their wee little beds.

Gigi and Huck Barking in P-Town
Gigi and Huck “barking” at P-Town

But we still had our inspired moments, and I met lit up faces who’s names I forget but whom I hope to see again along the road of change and fortitude.

I also finally got to have my party moment with dearest Ev and Sweetsexy Gail, Andrew, Tomohauk Warrior, Dazza and Ric who didn’t believe I’d ever have a dirty dry martini straight up with beau coup d’olives in their presence. Well, back into obscurity until November — S.