Hello Autumn Babies

Hello you autumn babies, we just sped away from soft wooded, silky skyed Long Island. Over the Whitestone with a man swinging from the top and a 3 masted schooner on the bay of changing hues. I had a blast at the Boulton theatre, the audience were receptive and open, encouraging us all the way to express ourselves and try new stuff. It was a very special show that I’ll remember, and the people who waited to meet, I adore the faces, the bits of life we shared.

Also, as important, probably more, Mr. And Mrs. Boulton brought that theatre back to its old glory and give all the money they make to charity!!!! How rare is that! By the way, who knew that Bayshore is en vogue? If you’re there you must stop into the “Spa” for joe. All organic, fair trade and divine tasting, and feeling. I am always relieved to get a break from the global food and joe establishments, it seems like a luxury now to enjoy an individually owned shop that’s good, it’s a way better experience and so much more enriching.

We are on our way to Pennsylvania, I get to sleep in a pig barn tonight, and I may even get to ride a horse tomorrow morning. All Gigi’s friends from the olympic horse jumping days live around Puck, the place we’re playing tonight.
Everyone in the car is sharing their “gun experiences”; as kids, I had my share on both ends of the barrel. Reminds me of a great book I’m reading, “Don’t let’s go to the dogs tonight”, I can’t pull myself away from the story.

Hey, I met two Ozzies on the plane, I hope they found their hotel and are enjoying my city, they are twins and one is named Jenny, two sweet Sheilas roaming the streets, if you see them, give them good directions, I did the best I could.
They had some astute gut insights into this country, I wish I could write them but I don’t want to start something. Anyhoo, we’re almost here, or there, so I’ll check in later!