Happy New Year!

Hello friends. Happy New Year. It’s been awhile and allot has gone on for me. The most fun and challenging has been writing for the musical, recording the songs, working with Baritones and Basses, a Christmas party, Breakfast At Tiffany’s for New Year’s Eve, and listening to the presidential candidates. And of course my art class, which is a technique class, which I love not only for the kids who show up and make me laugh and listen, but for the tools I’m developing to express myself more completely, and hopefully more compellingly. Although it’s an eerie transition from being totally unconscious about painting to figuring things out, I wish my mind could have remained an unstudied sea, but I saw things I couldn’t paint, and I fell in love with art I couldn’t break down, so, like a lover, I can’t avoid the experience and grow, I have to master aspects of the relationship to get to a new level.

I’m loading in footage for a video of one of the new songs, not for the musical but for the next release of Sophie Songs, and I’ll at least be able to post that soon, it wont be a finished recording of the song, but a demo because I miss the momentum of putting my stuff out. I have to be patient, the world is such that I need more avenues to be creative on, I can’t stay on the same street and have the universe. This is good because it causes angst and pushes me to reach further and be stronger and open up ever more. I hope you’ll understand that instead of just making a record and touring at this time I am making more irons to put in the fire, I believe by late Spring I’ll be able to release something just personal, and perhaps the musical will be well on it’s way by then, too. And, I have to say; they feed each other, because the musical is an exploration of a totally new country, which makes coming home to my old country even more delicious.

I’ve been watching Hillary, and I haven’t written about her before because, although I now know I’m voting for her, I hadn’t agreed with one of her policies and I wanted to keep my politics to myself. I can’t anymore. She is the most incredible human
being, I have decided. Hillary has dignity, she has more brains than any of her opponents, and in fact they constantly steal her ideas. She is clear, precise, practical and all with a vivid and inviting picture of the future in mind. The press, in my opinion, is trying to destroy her. But they can’t, because her competency, her commitment, her knowledge of the political spectrum and her working experience of national and global relationships keeps shining through. Forget that she’s a woman, or rejoice in it, because as a public servant her record stands alone as a worthy resume to be President of the United States. Her answers in the debate said it all last night.

Hillary did vet some of they other candidates’ inconsistencies and untruths, yet they didn’t respond to those. Hillary has been exposed and bashed for term after term and performed well, unbelievably well, and she’s even been betrayed by the closest people to her and still put her duty first. What human being on earth could rise above the amount of dung slung at her, and yet she goes out there like the Patriots’ quarter back again and again, she is a winner, a real winner. Al Gore was finally exposed, and look how great he is. He is experienced. He’s been in the Clinton camp; he would’ve been a great candidate, too. Knowing your President is good, learning from mistakes is excellent, betting on a wing and a prayer is not.

I do trust that Hillary can walk the treacherous path that leads us to the tentative stability which makes us feel safe and prosperous. She can bring our dollar back, listen to her speak on the economy. Hillary can deal with those world leaders who despise us, she isn’t cocky, she HAS been there, and she understands the psyche of men who love power without having to wink and slap them on the back. Did you notice how centered she was when the debate ended last night, she didn’t run over to the moderator or ingratiate herself to the other candidates, as they all did, but rather she let them come to her. Shetruly is set apart in quality and character.

I don’t believe Americans will unite on most issues, we all have different stakes, we are at different stages of our life and consciousness, I don’t want someone else’s hopes and dreams, I want a country who’s identity comes from the Constitution, and who’s culture is rooted in the romantic ideal of an imaginative and discontent working class. We have allowed our politicians to sell our country to the corporate minority, to special interests, which have no borders, by the way, and no inspirational speech will wrestle it back into our hands. We don’t even know who our “hands” is anymore. The more things change, the more things stay the same.

Didn’t you hear how Hillary was the only candidate to specifically talk about the life of the soldiers returning, the interpreters and other Iraqis who helped us; she wasn’t in some “after the war dreamland”. She was the woman who knows she’s going to have to arrange for the passage of, clean up after and feed and clothe the people coming back into her household. She asks the questions, her language is that of a person prodding and grappling with the system on a daily basis. Oh, but America wants a “rock star” to get in there and bluster and look cool. Hillary brought every question home last night, she got the candidates on track, and they asked her almost every question first so the others could have the advantage, and yet they didn’t. Did you hear how they answered on the Pakistan question? Someone sounded as “inexperienced” as George W. And then Hillary gave the gory details and a real scenario, which they all then incorporate into their own answers. She’s twice as brilliant, thousands of times more experienced, has worked so much harder under so much more scrutiny than the other candidates will ever endure, and yet she’s running strong and behaving like a world leader. I do actually have a hope, a dream: that Hillary Clinton is the next President of the United States.

Bye for now, Sophie.

p.s. I’ve been feeling that hope is something real when it comes from within, and if someone can be responsible for the direction of their life and the consequences of their actions, then having hope is a great benefit, and just. But, if people are relying on hope from without, like a high or false promise, and feel powerless in their life or system, then anger will set it, discontent, resentment, and ultimately a more failed system.

I feel people know Hillary and are afraid of the truths she presents, and call her a sour puss when she’s trying to explain an often harsh reality that we must contend with sooner rather than later. On the other hand, is a candidate no one knows and upon whom most people are projecting, because he’s vague, and, like an actor, we project the feelings and dreams we can’t live out in our daily lives, onto him. What if the grass isn’t greener, what if steady improvement works better than…than….what? What is being offered? How? I just don’t want a country that is already moving in a mindless, superficial direction to lose it’s ability to be
critical because once again we’ve “hoped for the best”