I just returned from Dallas where I was singing for Hillary Clinton, or rather, I brought my band and we performed at a fundraiser for her campaign. I had such a great time, mostly because I got to channel all my emotions for wanting Hillary to be our president through my songs and improvising, and that was giving the deepest way I can. I’d rip my throat out in soulful prayer for her.

There was a moment two weeks ago when I stood in my kitchen and said to my manager, “why am I flying my band around for free, I mean, can I really afford this?” and Gigi Gaston looked me dead in the eye and said, “because Hillary Clinton deserves it.” And there was never a truer word spoken. Hillary deserves it. All those people there in Dallas from all over the country, not the wealthiest or the most famous, but the most sincere and generous of spirit and mind. I met people who have been working tirelessly to save the Oceans for twenty years, cops, lawyers working for non profits for the environment, teachers, therapists for abused children and rape victims who say Hillary and Bill are the reason they are abl to treat and help these low income victims, nurses, Mexican American hotel workers who have built a life here and speak flawless English, farm workers, factory workers, bar tenders, coffee shop owners, they were all there passionately supporting Hillary Clinton.
The moment we boarded the plane to Dallas I felt the lightness of faith, the clarity of acceptance that this person could and probably would win Ohio and Texas. Away from the pounding media and the rage of the “other” supporters, snuggling up with the Wall Street Journal in my tiny seat, I began to witness the unveiling.

When I saw Hillary Tuesday morning at the best Mexican restaurant in Dallas I said, “I can’t wait ‘til you win tonight.” She smiled graciously but, Gigi noticed, perhaps not quite believingly. That’s probably why I said it again, “I can’t wait ‘til you win tonight!” Hillary has the warmest hands and the brightest eyes, and she seems more comfortable at a Mexican restaurant where they pour coffee into ‘tweety’ mugs from yard sales surrounded with everyday folk than in all the glitz and glam which she does pursue.

Hillary is as real as the day is long, she is the salt of the earth, and that’s why she won Texas and Ohio. Hillary is not long fingered and lofty, she’s a sturdy, tough worker with a heart of pure gold and a mind a sharp as a scythe. You can feel she’s the one you go to for advice-on anything. Gigi Gaston told Hillary about her 94-year-old mother, Teddy, who has been a republican, all her life but switched her party this year to vote for Hillary Clinton. “Hillary gives me strength,” Gigi’s mother said, (and by the way, she was hit by a car two years ago and has survived a broken neck…with no health insurance
at 92 years old in UCLA, we couldn’t even get her into a room for days, she was in the hallway as the doctors waited for her to die. She didn’t die, she’s fully recovered, but we had to raise hell, drop names and basically declare war to get her taken care of!) and so Hillary signed a t-shirt for Teddy of her own accord declaring, “it’s never too late to change a republican!”

The point of all of this is that Hillary has grass roots support and it’s growing. I feel it’s us grass rooters who are going to push her over the top. In California she won even with Oprah and the old Kennedy and Kerry and Schwartzneger endorsing the other one, in Massachusetts the same, and in Texas and Ohio he’s been running commercials ten to one. He has all these stars and famous recording artists and she just has people, good, hard working people. Like us. Taking off work, going out on a line even when we can’t afford it because Hillary deserves it. — Sophie B. Hawkins