Hello my dear friends..

Hello my dear friends, it has been so long, and believe me, I have written many an entry…but I haven’t finished one. I hope you are well. I am very very well, and quite happy. Dash amazes me; I have gone from awe to a love that is as simple and powerful as the essence of the word, whose roots are deepening within me, and whose branches extend more each day. It is so difficult to describe these feelings without music, without a song, without a spot of nature, a Spring bird singing, a Summer twilight on the rooftop, a first snow that sticks. I don’t want to be practical and tell you how I’m living nowadays with a three-month new person and the musical and, of course, looking for the right way to get all these songs out of my studio and into the antechamber of your souls. (What V. Woolf calls the ears.) Life is not practical or technical, although it takes these to make it as creative as possible. Sometimes I want to write a book on all that I’ve learned in just three months, but I realize everyone’s experience is so unique, every child and parent is so unique, that my discoveries wouldn’t translate. And they are forgettable, the ways one manages to make everything work, and the memorable stuff requires art to express. Yay for art!

We actually just spent two very intense weeks working with a lion of Broadway on the show, and I’m more inspired than ever about the potential of this experience for my talents. And yet, the closer we get, the more unfinished and undone it becomes. Also with the album, I’ve experimented with several combos of people I’ve liked allot, although I haven’t hit the right mode for the songs yet. I truly trust this process, and I have to get it right.

Tomorrow I’m doing a performance at a charity event, the first time onstage since September, and Dash wont be inside of me, he’ll be having his own life, probably sleeping. Finn is next to me right now, and I have had a great day of writing, recording, going to art class, walking around the hood and being, quite naturally, a mother. I wish I could tell you more details, but there is no time for details. I will say this, though, when we rehearsed for this show, Dazza, Rick, Gigi, Huckleberry and I, my heart yearned to hit the road again. That’s when I do get impatient. And won’t I have a funny entourage? Ah well, I’ll see you there…when the sun comes out again.

Your faithful songwriter, Sophie B.