Hello August Buddies…

Hello August buddies, here I am taking the last of a Carmel moment, driving back into hotsville along the dark green and blue alizarin route 1. The streets were lined with gems on wheels, cars as works of art from eras of adventure and elegance. A person had to be a real driver, experience the road in its bareness, the “learning curve” was so much steeper. I love the Nash Healy ‘53, oh what a red, what a dash board.

When new machines advertized as the cutting edge because they stop for you, eat for you, and sleep for you I wretch because its the death of beauty, the end of passion, the seal on the coffin of individuality. Just get in and follow a gps and you won’t get hurt cause your car will protect you and you’ll always bable to be tracked with that damn chip.

For me, wealth is the freedom to choose. Are we loosing that simple gift in this country, on this planet? I suppose that, too, is a choice. It is a profound power, independence, to be able to make decisions that define your life, that become your life. To have the confidence to know what is best for yourself. Creativity is constantly making choices, and it is so empowering to art, yet in life, why do people want to let go of the wheel?

I would like to invite you to 2 special shows, in Philly and New Hope. These are Darius Holbert’s last crossing with me. You all know what a fine musician he is, but more than that, I have never played with someone who has surprised me, enchanted me and supported me more on stage. I will miss him terribly. Please come and bring your friends for our last great moments together. The album is getting closer to pulling into port everyday, it is on the sea sky horizon.

I hope I see you there! Sophie