Phoenix is bright, the air is thin and cool like an ice box open on a hot day. I’ve never seen such contrast, that’s what the desert does. Not all mixed, like the shore where everything tosses and slops together, where salt and water and sun and sand all stick to your skin and the air clings in moist familiar folds around you all day and night. The desert is a place of peace where a cactus is a cactus and a rabbit is a rabbit. A shadow is a shadow, perhaps coming out from under a rock and slinking around the saloon with the sun until they leave together for a very important meeting, and aint nobody’s business if they do.

I loved the show last night, a kid named Christopher sang soulfully from the audience on” As I” and I held the mic for him, what a wonderful duet, in the spirit of the desert night, that’s what its all for, the living life of a song introducing voices, stories, in concert, by accident or on purpose. I am full of appreciation for the details of my life, and didn’t expect anything from this gig except that I’d leave the children and my projects, get on a plane,perform, and come home. And yet a new world opened up, being invited to a new place of vivid, joyful colours, sitting on that rock for hours watching the bunnies and the nest overhead, birds coming and going with food and building materials. I wanted to paint, I bookmarked the desert as a place to return to on that other journey, when the musical is on it’s own, my new cycle of songs is out, when it’s that time.

On the plane home now, the only time off is travelling. But I don’t need time off, I need a life time of health to bring all these desires to fruition, desires that keep having babies, that doesn’t seem like allot to ask.

See you soon, Sophie B. Hawkins