On the Gulf

Hey there people of the light, I’ve been on Baretaria bay with Dan Sinykin, his partner and Gigi collecting oil with his sheep wool. It worked amazingly well, although there was so much toxic dispersant in the water we were chasing clumps of gooey cake batter rather than laying it over a slick.

The dispersant smells like bathroom cleaner, and it’s strange to sniff that odor in the middle of a beautiful bay. Why do the dolphins jump and play around our boats with so much crap in their water?

The fishermen were very glad we were there, so were the Hazwopers. I didn’t want to go, to be perfectly honest, there is no time as it is to be at home, relaxing and creating with my beautiful son and fur babies, but I had to take this opportunity. I just had to experience for myself WHY the oil isn’t being cleaned up. WHY aren’t American entrepreneurs working with the local fisherfolk, going out on boats, wading through marshes to try new and age old technologies for cleaning up the delicate eco-systems.

We were met with gratitude by the fishing community, but came up against the same damn barriers they are hitting. We were blocked at every turn but we managed to get out there and try Dan’s product anyhow. We were even stopped on the water by sherifs, but they were cool…I don’t want to say too much. Dan will go back to his factory/ laboratory and finesse his product. This is just what we have to be able to do, in my opinion. More later!