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Sophie B. Hawkins Speaks Out About Bullying, Will Participate in #SpiritDay

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Performer Sophie B. Hawkins, who is currently starring in a Los Angeles stage production of Room 105: The Highs and Lows of Janis Joplin, will be wearing purple during her performance as Joplin this Friday in support of Spirit Day. The play has received rave reviews

Regarding her stance against bullying and how it relates to the role she’s currently playing, Hawkins said, “The bully is trying to kill that part in themselves which the gay child represents: love, vulnerability, and a passion for creativity. The gay child must survive and learn to love themselves, and through this journey, like what Janis Joplin was able to with her music, the bully will be inspired to do the same. Then the onslaught of hatred will become an onslaught of love.”

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Sophie to Appear on NBC Show Community

Sophie will be acting in the seventh episode of the NBC Television show Community.

Here’s a photo of her on the set.

Press on Room 105

Sophie has gotten great press on Room 105.

New articles and interviews have appeared in the following publications:

L.A. Times
She Wired

Hollywood Reporter Article: Sophie B. Hawkins Plays the Iconic Singer in ‘Room 105: The Highs and Lows of Janis Joplin’

Joplin’s eclectic style — velvet bell bottoms, vests, black floppy hats and feathers — helped Hawkins find her way into the troubled singer’s persona.

Even at first glance, it seems like Grammy-nominated singer Sophie B. Hawkins was born to play Janis Joplin. The wild wavy long hair, the devil-may-care attitude and, of course, a raspy and incredibly powerful voice.

So when writer-producer Gigi Gaston asked Hawkins to play the legendary late singer in her new play, Room 105: The Highs and Lows of Janice Joplin, the singer literally jumped in feet first.

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Life In LA Interview with Sophie

Grammy-nominated songwriter Sophie B. Hawkins and acclaimed filmmaker Gigi Gaston will team up to bring the spirit of legendary soul singer Janis Joplin back to life and to the stage in Room 105, a one-woman musical tribute that explores Joplin’s turbulent and fascinating life.

I recently had the opportunity to interview Hawkins about her once-in-a-lifetime role. Looking every bit the part in a Venice T-shirt and bellbottoms, with her famously thick blonde mane temporarily tamed by a French braid, Hawkins’ sincerity and dedication to her art was unmistakable. Over the course of our interview, she shared with me her thoughts on the similarities between herself and Janice, her relationship with Gaston, and the frustrations and rewards of acting.

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