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Disarming Children

I couldn’t wait to get to my son’s school at 10 am to stand with the students and faculty in silence. I cut fast on my scooter through the abrasive cold, Pooh weather, I call it. Blustery March, full of light and promise and surprises.

There they were, heads bowed, in the right, belonging to the world of people who want children to be protected even from their own confusing impulses. Here I come, I felt, throwing down my scooter, here I am, quietly mourning and excited for change.

The woman next to me gave me a shoulder bump. If I weren’t new here we would have locked arms. Under the bright blue sky, high as the troposphere arches, we are all locking arms. Our arms, human arms controlled by our brains, our sense, our wisdom and our intuition.

It seems we have no rights to protect ourselves from crippling taxes, from chemicals in our water, air and food, from government mandates, from unaccountable corporations taking over our every social and vital need, from abusive law enforcement, but we have plenty of rights to endanger others with weapons and vehicles.

A wonderful student at the gathering today said, “Take this with you. Don’t let it end here.” We have to protect each other from stupidity and greed. We have to have each other’s backs. Laws will eventually reflect the will of society, but we have to enact the heart of society, right now.

Bill de Blasio is supporting the kids on this one, and I’m impressed with his stance. These changes can start small; it doesn’t have to be a nationwide change. In fact, wouldn’t it be great if New York could lead the way in dis arming citizens? Maybe, if we really are worried about defending ourselves against the government, we can open up the Armories (share them with the art exhibitions) and have a citizen militia that employs unemployed people over 40. Citizens against unfair practices! We have to be vetted, trained, fed, paid and tested on current events. We also have to have dances and poker nights, and we can’t take the weapons home!
Sophie B. Hawkins

One thought on “Disarming Children

  1. Mike O'Leary says:

    Hi Sophie… been following you since your first album. Gun violence.. I have a friend, been a good friend for many years. He got caught in the crossfire in the first school Shooting in Canada where a life was lost. He survived.. If that is what you call surviving. ( and has survivors guilt because of this).. One of the worst cases of PTSD I have encountered. ( I had a 30 year career in corrections.. so that is saying something) . Every time we talk on the phone it comes into the conversation. All these folks who want to carry firearms daily have no clue what living through the shootings or even if your one of the good guys.. , if you shoot somebody.. no clue what living with all of that will do to a person. Totally changes your life. Finally in the last few years the gov has provided him with counselling. About 45 years to late. Ruined his life. Even today he has trouble focusing, sleeping, completing tasks.. etc etc.. always on High Alert emotionally. I have American friends who talk about defending themselves against their own governments… im Canadian and cant really connect with that fear.. and that is what it is.. fear.. ( real or not) it will cripple a nation. I guess all of us old peace nicks wasted our time in the 60s.. we just wanted Peace.. seems that we have never had it since then. If only one could have him talk to the pro gun people.. and tell them his story.. a few opinions may be changed.. we can only hope. Keep up the good work.. If you ever have a chance come to Vancouver Canada… we’d love to hear you sing.

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