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Love Yourself

October 6, 2022

Dear friends, the long-awaited baby is coming, starting with the feet! “Love Yourself” is the first single and it’s just for you.

Love Yourself is an opportunity in every moment to create a positive feeling, a happy feeling about yourself and your unique life path. No matter what.

Head to to save the song and stream it everywhere today! How you speak to yourself, treat yourself, is a choice and a power. Love Yourself is our super power.  »  Read More

Celebrating the 30th anniversary of Tongues and Tails

On Tour Celebrating the 30th anniversary of Tongues and Tails

June 3, 2022

Hello new friends and friends from the beginning, I’m truly excited to play Tongues and Tails for you on the road; this is a rebirth of the songs that brought me into your lives and a rebirth for me as an artist among you. The timing is profoundly healing for me, and just challenging enough to bring me to my creative edge. Come experience the music, the performances, hear how we are bringing Tongues and Tails to life now,

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Queer Forty cover and feature story

May 4, 2022

Read Sophie’s interview with Queer Forty about the 30th Anniversary of Tongues and Tails.  »  Read More

Behind the Velvet Rope Podcast

September 18, 2021

Check out Sophie on the Bend the Velvet Rope Podcast

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Upcoming Interviews and Appearances

August 5, 2021

Hello People of the inner light –

It’s amazing to remember where we were last August, isn’t it? And yet, with the buzz of being out again, I’m conscious of keeping the peace inside of me, the appreciation of quiet and air space that were some of the gifts of COVID. I hope and pray the variant doesn’t become a block to our thriving together in person as I get excited to see you on the road,

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New Tour Dates

June 27, 2021

Hey there Sophie B. Hawkins Fans!

We have some confirmed concert dates to tell you about (and more on the way).

Spring Hill Arts Gathering/Pride in the Hills Festival, Washington, CT,  July 31

Highly Caffeinated 5k + Music Festival  benefitting the Make a Wish Foundation, Bethlehem, CT August 21

Tally Ho Theatre, Leesburg, VA, November 5 (tickets on sale soon!)

Sophie is looking forward to seeing you in-person!

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