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Only Love Virtual Concert

Hello dear friends,

As the number of manatees grows within our oceans, I hope your inner life swells with the wealth of your soul. These are turbulent and challenging times, but as I sing in my new song, ‘Love Yourself’: “So much good is born of so much strife.” I’ll be performing that unreleased nugget from my living room September 12, and you can join me!

It’s true, you all responded so positively to my last sold-out livestream concert in May, that I’m doing another one.

This acoustic concert-from-home will feature some of my best known songs, songs you may have never heard, three new covers, and I’ll tell you some stories. Come spend a virtual online hour with me at: Only Love – Sophie B. Hawkins Live.

The show is being hosted by Digital Pride Fest – they sell their tickets and tip jar money as ‘sequins’ – 250 sequins will get your $25 ticket, only one ticket per household is necessary. My email subscribers are the first to know about this show – we haven’t yet promoted this via my social media channels, so grab your seat today before they sell out.

There are only 80 seats available in this initial ticket offering – Digital Pride Fest may release more later, but additional tickets aren’t guaranteed so order a ticket by clicking the ‘get ticket’ box under the countdown clock on my show page, add more sequins for the virtual tip jar (if you choose) and grab your seat today.

Saturday, September 12, 2020 | 1pm Pacific | 4pm Eastern | 9pm London | 6am September 13 Sydney

Digital Pride Fest shows are live and not recorded for future airing.

I also just added a new t-shirt to my shop – the shirt features my original art work, a painting I call AHAVA on the front and the lyrics to the chorus of ‘Only Love’ on the back. 

Only Love can set us free

Only Love can bear the truth

Only Love can bring us peace

Only Love can save me and you

Only Love can purify

Only Love can conquer fear

Only Love can testify

Only love can make a miracle of life.

If you haven’t watched it yet, check out the official lyric video for ‘Only Love’ on my YouTube channel: 

I have some other fun projects coming down the road later this year – more on that later.  Until then… hope to see you on September 12!

Sophie B.

3 thoughts on “Only Love Virtual Concert

  1. Eve Reynolds says:

    Hi Sophie!
    I’m so looking forward to the next concert on Sept. 12th.
    I was at the last one and it was awesome! I love your music and the stories.
    I’ll share the event with everyone and hope it sells out again.

  2. Tammy Elbers says:

    Who doesnt love Sophie. Real as the day is long. Truer than words can speak. Beautiful soul 🙂

  3. Петър Джаръков says:

    Привет, харесвам те и като жена, нищо лошо не влагам.

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