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Ridgefield Playhouse Live Appearances

Dearest People of the Light…

Well, we’ve started the year off with a bang, and I hope you are healthy and feel safe. Luckily for me, I’ve been distracted from the news because I’m recording a new song, making a painting with Esther, and I’m thinking about the new show I have coming up! It’s in a real theatre! I will even have at least two musicians with me, I can hardly wait. Well, actually, I’ll be working up some special Tongues and Tails stories and songs as I build toward the anniversary of the release of Tongues a few (almost 30!) years ago, so I do need this time to prepare.

I’ll be performing at the Ridgefield Playhouse in Connecticut this February, it’s a nonprofit theatre, so just as you’ve been supporting my artistic explorations throughout this COVID time, I get to support this magnificent theatre and community.

I don’t have to say how performing arts spaces and artists have struggled right along with most humans on this planet, we’ve all taken the hits, but I must and want to say how grateful I am for our connection, and your support.

I’ll be performing two shows for the Ridgefield Playhouse on Sunday, February 21, 2021 – one at 4pm Eastern followed by a second show at 7pm Eastern.  Tickets are $35. They are taking COVID protocols very seriously and are limiting in-person seating to only 100 people per performance, with a 6 foot social distance protocol and face masks required at all times. The Ridgefield Playhouse will automatically add vacant seats around the seats you choose for your safety. I’m letting all of you incredible email subscribers know before posting this on my social media channels so you get a head start on grabbing tickets – public on-sale is today, Friday, January 8 at 10am Eastern.

If you’re not in the area – no worries! They are also offering an unlimited amount of livestream tickets as well so you can enjoy the show from the comfort of your own home. A link to watch the event will be emailed to you by the Ridgefield Playhouse on the day of the performance.

Tickets for the 4pm Eastern concert are available here:

Tickets for the 7pm Eastern concert are available here:

I’m looking forward to seeing you in your favorite masks in person – or virtually – on Sunday February 21! (I’ve also put some new merchandise up in my online shop – maybe, depending on COVID protocols, I’ll get to sign your new shirt or bag!).

Take care until then, don’t forget to turn off the news and check in with your favorite people and authors.

Your faithful songwriter,


5 thoughts on “Ridgefield Playhouse Live Appearances

  1. Trish Feehan says:

    Love the comment about stop watching the news!!!!!
    Read your favorite author etc
    Looking forward to the virtual session Sophie.
    Love from Melbourne xxx

  2. Dale says:

    Absolutely put a smile on my face and produced a chuckle re your comment “turn off the news and check in with your favorite people and authors.” Exactly!


  3. Barb says:

    Last night’s show at Ridgefield Playhouse was amazing!! Thank you for sharing the beauty of your music and stories in such an intimate setting. Brava!!

  4. Adrian Gude says:

    I am fan first but very limited in my knowledge of your endeavors. I happened across your song “Damn I wish…” and immediately associated it with the music I was submerged in creating. The whole cadence of the song is beautiful but the drums and train sample is what snatched the deepest part of me. I was so inspired that I stole a loop and made a song for my mother with them. I am a rapper of course and definitely a product of my surroundings so finding that song in itself is sort of an anomaly. But I am grateful to have heard it and now over 20 years later after revisiting this song, I must pay proper homage and study the catalog you have amassed and respectfully acknowledge the artist I “borrowed” from as a kid. Thank you Sophie for such a unique and wonderful memory.

  5. Rachel Mayer says:

    Thank you Sophie, for your transcendent music. Your song ‘As I lay me’ was a number 1 as I was growing up in Middletown, PA. (my own path led me to classical music, and finally as an adult, songwriting… a world in which we revisit selves, moments, and art.. falling in love all over again with the beauty and wisdom in your music. Looking forward to sharing your song, and some of my own, at an upcoming celebration of women!

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