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The Big Pink

By Sophie B. Hawkins

When you are about to lose something, someone valuable, that’s when you sacrifice your time, your way of life to hold onto them, that’s when you become really present. When you are about to lose something you love is when you get on your knees and beg.

Maybe that’s the silver lining of Trump becoming president. We are not willing to lose what we love about this country and we are willing to get on our knees for Miss Liberty not to go away. It reminds me of the original Planet Of The Apes when she is washed up on the shore, didn’t that make you cry?

And is it possible that Hillary was too conciliatory, that she didn’t quite embody the voice of the resistance? And the good part about that is, we do. Our bodies carry our message loud and clear. I’ve felt for a long time we look too much to Washington for our progress reports. We on the street are the progressives and we on the street know what we need and how to ask for it.

This big, pink army has to realize how powerful we are now. And how beautiful. If all of us want to help the homeless, feed the hungry, protect children, educate the most under privileged, make sure we can each afford medical care, and create a real green economy, don’t you think we can do it? There are so many of us passionate humanitarians. One would think we have no excuses not to help each other bring this land of ours’ up to it’s highest potential.

Did Moses have this many people? Did Jesus?

Did Martin Luther king?

Did Joan Of Arc?

Does Gloria Steinem?

She should. This big pink army doesn’t need an enemy any more than Donald Trump does. We need tasks. We need focus and positive reinforcement that how we picture this country, because This Land Is Our land, is how we can make it.

One thought on “The Big Pink

  1. kathy O'Malley says:

    so true, tragedy brings us into the present. we realize and fight for it. love that analagy

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