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Vote 2020: Speaking of Your Mind

Hello dear citizens of the light. Speaking one’s mind politically can incite hatred and most certainly will illicit criticism. There is no room for misunderstanding or exploration. Thank goodness, at this time, one only has to listen, learn and choose a candidate that represents one’s hopes on most of the issues that threaten one’s way of life and love.

When I listen to my neighbor, Mary, who survived two years in the Japanese occupied jungles of Mindanao during World War II, I hear we are headed for big trouble, like we’ve seen before. Mary remembers. Her family business was on that Philippine island, and they survived on hope alone until an American submarine rescued them. If you are old enough, you have a personal story of such trauma, loss and grief that is also part of history, part of a collective betrayal of your rights and humanity, that an election like this sounds an alarm, cries a siren, pounds like fists on your door. Luckily, Mary can vote! (Thanks to her mother.)

When I listen to my son, eleven years old, I hear about all the candidates and their platforms and his own proclivities, because his social studies teacher made them research and debate their opinions. I wish my son could vote. I wish his friends could vote because today’s youth, for the most part, really care about people and the environment. They are not racists, in most of this country, they are not freaked out by gender fluidity or what gender you love, they know the environment is our sovereign and we are but slovenly and ungrateful subjects. They get it! (Thanks to their mothers)

I have had my turn at being creative with political appearances, and voting strictly with my conscience. Now I really am voting with my head, not my whole heart.  I do wish I could do my part to unify the country, crisscross the aisles with love and peace and open-mindedness, but it’s not that time, and perhaps it never was in politics. My true ideas are in my songs. Being an artist is a privilege, and it’s also a privilege to be a citizen of this country and vote for our next President and Vice President.

We must elect the people who really can move our country forward in the way that matches our highest ideals and hold their feet to the fire as they do their job.  Listen to the oldsters and the youngsters. Protest, but not with your vote!

If you want to be as smart as an eleven year old go to for all the information on voting you need in your state.

Thanks for listening,

Sophie B. Hawkins


5 thoughts on “Vote 2020: Speaking of Your Mind

  1. Marc Cohen says:

    First, the link that you’ve printed, leads to a heavy metal website.

    Second, to say “thanks to their mothers” ignores the guidance of their fathers, or fathers in general. Ironically, excluding, or ignoring the contributions fathers make in their son’s or daughter’s development, displays a discriminatory practice that the LGBTQ community is rightfully trying to end.

    I’m proud of my 22 year old son Aaron and of the way I raised him. I’m proud when I hear mothers of his female friends tell me, “I’m so glad that Aaron is friends with my daughter. He treats her so well.” They add, “He’s a chip off the old block!” And, “You raised him right.” Aaron has been with his girlfriend for 3 years now. He “belongs” to her. Sophie, You know what I mean when I say, “Belongs.” These comments come from friends of all different colours of the rainbow.

    Dashiell, if he’s lucky, will be a father one day. I am sure Sophie, that when that day comes You will praise the love and guidance that he showers on his children. (As a father)

  2. Sophie B. says:

    Hello Marc, We are continuing to honor the 100th Anniversary of 19th Amendment, and currently, in 2020, women’s rights are under attack. Since Mary is 84, Mary’s mother didn’t have the right to vote, but certainly would have risked her life fighting for it with the rest of the suffragettes.
    Also, my blog is not about parents per se, I don’t believe you have to have children out of your body to be a mother, in fact, the opposite is often the case.
    You are a great mother, I’m sure. It’s an attitude and a consciousness. My best friends who haven’t had children physically are great mothers to many children. And without them, humanity would surely devolve. Sophie

  3. Jo Blackmore says:

    Hello dear Sophie, Thank you for your post “Speaking of Your Mind” I enjoyed reading about Mary and Dash. What an amazing social studies teacher Dash has where they got to do research and then debate their opinions. The key word Sophie is “research”. It seems some people don’t do their own research as they get their info from the talking heads on corporate media from both sides.

    Im right there with you Soph. At this point and time I voted with my head and not my whole heart. What Im seeing is the next generation stepping up to the plate and some are already at the plate doing their job “serving” we the people. That gives me Hope. In the meantime as you stated we need to hold the newly elected politicians feet to the fire as they do their job.

    Peace & Love always Sophie… Russian River Jo “CA dream’in on such a winters day”

  4. Heidi says:

    This blog…politics? Politicians?? Hold their feet to the fire ???? Sure….. They’re politicians !! That’s almost laughable Sophie , I hear your point though but will that ever be factual reality ? C’mon now !! Everyones selling something, how about holding everyones feet to the fire ! The majority of folk are all full of crap when put to the test ! Most know what drives this country and it’s certainly not integrity or anything even remotely related ! I’m not trying to be critical here just realistic ! Yes though let’s hope and demand better for ALL people in our country MAYBE , just maybe we’ll get there one day !

  5. Kelly Zullo says:

    I’ve been following you since 1993. I feel I’m from the same planet? Maybe? People here will not always get it. But when I read your writing, hear your philosophies and see your art I know that you are aligned with a basic truth. It’s a reference point that I’m so glad to have. If more people took the time to allow art to guide their principles and life, we would be in a (more) magical place.

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