Musings From Sophie

Wedding Day

You won’t believe this, because I can’t believe it myself, but this Royal Wedding is making me smile. I feel there is a rebirth of something classic, like the way Virginia Woolf writes about Big Ben, in Mrs Dalloway, and Orlando, that clock which is eternally pulling us into the present-or bust.

When I used to read Jane Austin I squirmed because I wanted that world to be true, but thought only she was true, and she gave us her world to wander in privately, but not openly in our rude society.

Strangely, William and Kate, and the soul of romance which I thought was dead, has been rekindled in the eyes of so many people, dare I say it, globally.

Yes, we are being ravaged by mother nature or something else really awful, and I want to make hot cocoa for everyone suffering tonight, and pull a blanket over their body and stroke their hair. I acknowledge death and how I hate death with a passion, and grieving is agony.

But sadness is shared by even the Prince and Princess, we are together in sadness, and I pray we can all be together in rebirth. Here’s to soul loving, come hell or high water.