Live: Bad Kitty Board Mix


Sophie’s Live Double CD was recorded at the Triple Door in Seattle and The Basement in Sydney, “Down Under”.

“For me, this CD is about the improvisations, not the songs you already know, it’s about what they become in front of you, totally raw, exposed and new every night, reaching for something real, reaching for something that sounds like an instrument of our heart using the breath of our soul to speak, to cry out.” — Sophie B. Hawkins

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1. Mysteries We Understand
2. California Here I Come
3. Before I Walk On Fire
4. Savior Child
5. As I Lay Me Down
6. Did We Not Choose Each Other
7. Walking On Thin Ice
8. Sweetsexywoman
9. Lose Your Way
10. No Connection
11. Bare the Weight of Me
12. Mr. Tugboat Hello
13. Beautiful Girl
14. Feelin’ Good
15. Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover
16. I Want You
17. As I Lay Me Down (Bonus)
18. Feelin’ Good (Bonus)