Whaler...thar she goes! Spring Tour Dates

Embark with me on a new voyage to the melodic shores of Whaler as its timeless songs re-emerge on stage in celebration of the 30th anniversary of the album’s release!
  Whaler was an incredibly adventurous time of my life, making…
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I’m coming home to Camden Town!

I’m coming home to Camden Town! Come see me at The Forge in London on Sunday the 26th! This is big news for me, and I hope you’ll come and share the blossoming of my new phase of life and…

New single out now

Hi friends, happy New Year!

I’m releasing my single “Better Off Without You”, available January 27th. It’s so fun to sing live, it’s more than a catharsis, it’s a moving forward into a healing place, and it’s fun.

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