Rockshot Magazine Interview

The Forge is an intimate venue, newly refitted in steel and glass. Only three hundred people can get through the doors, just off the well-trodden Camden High Street, and tickets sold out long before tonight. It’s Sophie B. Hawkins’ first London show in fifteen years and she is absolutely thrilled to be here. “This has been the best time I’ve ever been in London in my life,” the songwriter smiles warmly. “I think because I have my children with me, who are friendly and fun and want all the adventures, so I’m seeing new parts of London that I’ve never seen when I come here. When I lived in London I was completely alone. My only friend was George Michael (and I’m not saying that to drop names, but it’s true), and when I saw him it was with his entourage, and sort of isolated in a way. This is my first time being in London with people who are so excited to be here like I am. I would never have gone to Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park, or high tea at Wolseleys. I wouldn’t have gone shopping…not that I even like to shop but we’ve been shopping our brains out!”