Sophie's Musings

Love Yourself

By Sophie | October 6, 2022

Dear friends, the long-awaited baby is coming, starting with the feet! “Love Yourself” is the first single and it’s just for you.

Love Yourself is an opportunity in every moment to create a positive feeling, a happy feeling about yourself and your unique life path. No matter what.

Head to to save the song and stream it everywhere today! How you speak to yourself, treat yourself, is a choice and a power. Love Yourself is our super power.  »  Read More

Upcoming Interviews and Appearances

By Sophie | August 5, 2021

Hello People of the inner light –

It’s amazing to remember where we were last August, isn’t it? And yet, with the buzz of being out again, I’m conscious of keeping the peace inside of me, the appreciation of quiet and air space that were some of the gifts of COVID. I hope and pray the variant doesn’t become a block to our thriving together in person as I get excited to see you on the road,

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Sophie Remembers Her Beloved Producer Ralph Schuckett

By Sophie | April 7, 2021

My Dearest People of the Light…

Today is the anniversary of the release of my debut album Tongues and Tails. In preparing a commemorative post for today, I heard that Ralph Schuckett had passed away.

Ralph is the person who brought my music to you, literally. Ralph swiped my demo tape of however many songs that fit on a cassette, recorded and rerecorded over with my newest songs,

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Happy Easter

By Sophie | April 4, 2021

We Are Jesus – Unreleased Song Debut

Happy Easter, everyone. My friend Charles sent me pictures of The Cross being carried through Central Park on Good Friday. I am not “religious” in any trained way, my parents thankfully didn’t push the construct of religious belief on us kids growing up, yet, throughout my life, in my songs, dreams and paintings, appear powerful imagery from biblical stories and characters. I have tried to change the lyrics,

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Living in my Coat of Many Colors

By Sophie | March 24, 2021

I had a realization when I was singing and playing Coat of Many Colors by Dolly Parton, and that was this; I have also made a coat of many colors for my children, out of the small pieces of many colored goodwill I have been given. I stitch together whatever opportunities come my way with such love and hope for their “good luck and happiness” as Dolly says it.

Ridgefield Playhouse Live Appearances

By Sophie | January 9, 2021

Dearest People of the Light…

Well, we’ve started the year off with a bang, and I hope you are healthy and feel safe. Luckily for me, I’ve been distracted from the news because I’m recording a new song, making a painting with Esther, and I’m thinking about the new show I have coming up! It’s in a real theatre! I will even have at least two musicians with me, I can hardly wait.

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Sophie’s Holiday Greeting

By Sophie | December 18, 2020

Dear friends, people of the light,

On this night of the snowy N’oreaster I am thinking of going into hibernation before the New Year, but not before I thank you so much for being with me, reaching out and teaching me that I am so far from being alone and unheard. Thank you for reading my blogs, coming to my shows, watching my videos, buying some merchandise, and interacting on my social media pages.

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Hearth and Soul: A Virtual Sophie B. Holiday Concert

By Sophie | December 6, 2020

Dear People of the Light –

I hope you are all well and staying safe.

Holidays are about connections, sharing memories and stories, and taking time to “be” with people who matter to me.  Well, you matter to me, so I’m going to do one more live stream in 2020 from my living room. Let’s kick off the season of light and love, and sail away from the chaotic shores of this year.

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Vote 2020: Speaking of Your Mind

By Sophie | October 30, 2020

Hello dear citizens of the light. Speaking one’s mind politically can incite hatred and most certainly will illicit criticism. There is no room for misunderstanding or exploration. Thank goodness, at this time, one only has to listen, learn and choose a candidate that represents one’s hopes on most of the issues that threaten one’s way of life and love.

When I listen to my neighbor, Mary, who survived two years in the Japanese occupied jungles of Mindanao during World War II,

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Only Love Virtual Concert

By Sophie | September 2, 2020

Hello dear friends,

As the number of manatees grows within our oceans, I hope your inner life swells with the wealth of your soul. These are turbulent and challenging times, but as I sing in my new song, ‘Love Yourself’: “So much good is born of so much strife.” I’ll be performing that unreleased nugget from my living room September 12, and you can join me!

It’s true, you all responded so positively to my last sold-out livestream concert in May,

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Mother’s Day

By Sophie | May 5, 2020

Hello friends…

I hope you are all well and doing okay during these unprecedented times. As we all get accustomed to this new normal, I wanted to let you know I’m still working and creating.

We’ve just posted some new Midwest tour dates for October on my website. Ticket links will go live as the venues begin selling tickets. Keep in mind that as this pandemic continues to play out, things may change,

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Earth Day 2020

By Sophie | April 22, 2020

Earth Day, 2020. What a wonderful day to recognize our gracious master and host. Nature embodies our physical home, our spiritual connectedness, our history, our relevance, and our identity.

We are pets of hers, the Earth. She feeds us. We sleep on her floor. But for her, as far as I know, we would not exist. She gives us everything. And also like pets, we don’t always understand her commands, speak her language…We’re sort of lazy,

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