Tongues and tails

Sophie’s first album, Tongues and Tails, full of primal, fiery pop, was an immediate international success, earning her a Grammy nomination for “Best New Artist” and going gold in the United States and platinum in many European countries and in Asia. The Top 5 single, Damn, I Wish I Was Your Lover has been featured in many TV shows and movies to date.

track listing and lyrics

California Here I Come

Music and Lyrics: Sophie B. Hawkins.

Poor you
Playing so long but you're still not grooving
I see you running but I see you ain't moving

And me
Pitiful me
I sleep with both eyes open but I'm just not seeing
The forest let alone the trees

California here I come
Open up your golden arms
I had enough of the New York City slums
My brother, he went before me
My God watch over me
California here I come

Can we stop
There's food on the table let's count our blessings
How come we wanna be messing
Messing around
With the wild wild west
Must be a better life than this

How come
Some people got it all
Some people got none
I been banging my head against
The writing on the wall
But now
I just wanna have fun


California I'll be there
Let me fall into your hair
I won't be guilty for my New York City care
My sister, come along with me
Our God is offering our share
California I'll be there

Mysteries We Understand

Music and Lyrics: Sophie B. Hawkins.

Oh angel it's understood
What we could
Do together's every bit much better than good
I ain't looking for the sky to
To cover my head
Cover me I'll cover you again and again and again

Stay up all night to feed your fire
My day's a dream with you on my mind
I wake up tight full of desire
And you are the one who can unwind
My weather's always a surprise
Don't think you'll ever come prepared
But love's the lighthouse in my life
If you get scared

When you look in my eyes
Do you have faith like me
Love can heal the wounds
That cry us all to sleep

When you hear nature's voice
Whispering in your ear
Is heaven a-rejoicing
Even through the tears

When you become your light
Shining like the sun
Is peace within your mind
Where everything is one

Evil will not destroy
When love is in your hand
Now we can make believe
The mysteries we understand

Us angels we give it up
Just enough
Keep each other hanging on with a heavenly touch
I ain't playing with a goal to
Cover my ass
I am naked like a baby in the summer grass

New York's the only place I know
I'll take you on a guided tour
Through Central Park where only those
With seven senses feel secure
Then from my rooftop in the clouds
We'll drive into the glowing sea
And when we're falling look around
And tell me what you see


Saviour Child

Music and Lyrics: Sophie B. Hawkins.

Hey child
You're so wise
Will you tell me what you're thinking
I don't need an answer
Just to talk to you awhile
I stop searching
When I see you smile

Yeah child
I am crying
'Cause I know just how you're feeling
But there won't be an answer
For a long long while
So promise me
You won't stop dreaming

Color rainbows in the rain
And follow to a heart of gold
There's a saviour born every day
In the valley of your soul

It's you child
So learn the truth
Though most folks they'll keep on lying
There will be an answer
Just you give yourself the time
And promise me
You won't stop trying


I Want You
Carry Me

Music & Lyrics: Sophie B. Hawkins

Do you love your mother
The way I love mine
Expecting nothing of her
'Cause she was changing all the time

I couldn't take my mother
And I'll never hate my home
But I learned to rock myself child
And get on
Do you feel your mother
The way I feel mine
I tried to change the nature
But now I like it 'cause it's mine
And I let you love me up
And I let you bring me home
And I could go away
But I don't wanna

I don't wanna be too smart
I don't wanna talk too fast
I don't wanna look too precious
First impressions never last
There's always complications
Weird vibrations
Have patience

Do you love your mother
'Cause God I love mine
In a dream she let me love her
Gotta hand it to my mind
In case you never meet her
I'll tell you what it is
She was lonely like a woman
But she was just a kid

Before I Walk on Fire

Music and Lyrics: Sophie B. Hawkins.

I lied
I stole in the name of fear
But I won't be silent here

I don't want somewhere to run to
I don't want somebody I can shake
Lord I want my dignity again
Before I walk on fire
You gotta look me in the face

I won't flinch
And I won't turn away

I'm sorry
I'm sorry for being scared
But I won't drop you there
Oh darling
Let me show you I love you
Oh world
Let me show you I care


Give me back my touch
Give me back my feeling
Give me everything
I wanna be your witness
I want you to believe in me

We Are One Body

Music and Lyrics: Sophie B. Hawkins.

I used to view the world as
Some things good and most things bad
But if you'd be my lover
I'd be more than what I am
And drifting on your ocean
I could shut my engines down
But deeper currents were in store
And I'm not anchored anymore
(Your kiss your kisses set me free)
I wasn't listening before
(Your lips your tongue your hands your feet)
You gave everything back to me
(I want you need you to feel free)
Now all I want is to be this free
(To touch to feel what you give me)

We are one body
We are one spirit
One breath,
One dream of life and death
One God
One sex

It's in your solar system
It's in my super star
There's nothing more persistent
Than the planet of our heart
The flame that is between us
Could set every soul on fire
And I would love to take that heat
Let's fill the whole world with desire
(Your kiss your kisses set me free)
It's too painful to deny
(Your lips your tongue your hands your feet)
History it's illusion
(I want you need you to feel free)
Come on make love to exclusion
(To touch to feel what you give me)


Music and Lyrics; Sophie B. Hawkins.

Listen I love the way life screwed up the way
you're looking at me
I love your face
Listen, I don't mind a temper
But baby, I can't chew my supper
I can't even swallow water
I'm all filled up
With my sweet disorder
And I'm about ready to take my elbows off this table
I'm about ready to take this whole world all inside
I'm about ready
To cry

I'm gonna turn you on
You're gonna set me free
I'm gonna make you come
You're gonna live with me

And all the ways I twirl my hair
And all the ways I tie my shoe
I walk away to make you care
I shimmy back to you
Oh darling love is real
That's why it seems insane
'Cause all these things we feel
Comes down like pouring rain
And when I say your name
I'm gonna turn you on

Live and Let Love

Music and Lyrics; Sophie B. Hawkins.

I busted homes
I gave up everything I own
To come in here
Now ain't it clear
I'm true
Baby you've changed
But ain't I just the same
As the little girl
Who's gonna give her world to you
Don't break my heart again

I'm closing this door
Kiss me
Kiss me once more
You're the one who taught me how to do it

Love and let love be our desire
Live and let life be our fire
Stand by yourself and I'll stand by you
Live and let life be our truth

These walls are high
But I was born to climb
I've got a monkey mind
And I will always find the groove
I trust your rhythm so
Do what you feel
Kiss me
Kiss me for real
Oh darling, I'm the one who'll show you now to do it


Don't Stop Swaying

Music and Lyrics; Sophie B. Hawkins.

I saw you there
All I wanted was to start with you
Was the hardest thing I ever had to do
Till I made you care

Yo brother
You sure heard me
Banging on the big drums for your love
You called me baby then
Talked to me like your best friend
When the time was right you were so good
Asked me what I like
And I said

Don't stop swaying baby
You soothe my soul and I stop searching
When I get lost in the rhythm
Everything stops hurting
Don't stop swaying baby
Take it slow and I keep yearning

Again I fall
Lighter than the morning dew
'Cause I always never knew
What I'm stumbling on

Yo sister
You sure heard me
Singing in the rain for some love
You took me unaware
Said things to make me care
Now the time is ripe and you're so good
Ask me what I like and I say


Hansel and Gretel are holding hands deep in the forest.
They are lost. This is their own story. The two have fallen in love, and so,
after a long quietness amidst the creatures of the night, they begin to kiss.
Traveling like heat through each other's bodies,
they pass through centuries of insecurity and into a rhythm where they are not afraid.

Mamma has led these children into the wild unknown for reasons, known,
with father's help, of course, they tried very hard to get back home,
but of course, they could not.
And so, they find themselves through the darkness, through the sadness,
making love, making peace, making music.
They find themselves, through the chaos, making sense.
This is what they want. This is who they are. These are the things they need.

Released  April 21, 1992
Label Columbia
Producer Rick Chertoff, Ralph Schuckett