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Hearth and Soul: A Virtual Sophie B. Holiday Concert

Dear People of the Light –

I hope you are all well and staying safe.

Holidays are about connections, sharing memories and stories, and taking time to “be” with people who matter to me.  Well, you matter to me, so I’m going to do one more live stream in 2020 from my living room. Let’s kick off the season of light and love, and sail away from the chaotic shores of this year.

Come be with me online via the StageIt virtual concert platform for some hearth and soul, old songs and new, all of them true: Saturday, December 12 at noon Pacific | 3pm Eastern | 2pm Costa Rica | 5pm Buenos Aires | 8pm London | 9pm Rome | and, 7am Sunday, December 13 in Sydney!

One $25 ticket is good for your entire household.

If this is your first time on StageIt, be sure to set up an account and then buy your credits so you can order a ticket for this show!  I know – StageIt uses ‘notes’ as currency – and ‘notes’ can be confusing. It confuses me too! Basically, one ‘note’ = 10 cents.  So ten ‘notes’ = $1. Fifty ‘notes’ = $5. One hundred ‘notes’ = $10. And for this show, 250 notes = your $25 ticket price.

Because your support means so much to me, I’ll send a personalized autographed photo to the two concert goers who drop the most $ into the tip jar. Top tippers will be notified by email after the concert.

Shows on the StageIt platform have a built in time limit, so we’ll be together for about 45 minutes. Only 50 seats have been made available for this show, so grab a ticket today!

While you’re on my show page buying your ticket, be certain to read up on ‘how StageIt works’ and ‘tech requirements’ so you’re ready on show day!

Happy Holidays and I’ll see you Saturday!


4 thoughts on “Hearth and Soul: A Virtual Sophie B. Holiday Concert

  1. Marc Cohen says:

    Dear Sophie,

    Please sing “You Are My Balloon!” You’ve received tremendous applause when you’ve performed this song at the live concerts I attended in the Fall of 2019. The Port Clinton Audience raved about the song!

  2. girlofgod says:


    Is there a way to watch/purchase these virtual performances AFTERWARDS? I’m sure it’s not just me, but some of us have work on these days and can’t watch LIVE. It’s been so long since you’ve come to my town that I’d totally pay to see this, but I’m pretty sure my job won’t let me take time out of the middle of the day to watch a concert.

    Please let us know what AFTERWARDS options are.

    Thanks and stay cool!

  3. William F.X. O'Neill says:

    Sophie performed You Are My Balloon in Ogunquit, Maine back in June 2018 – it was wonderful. I was fortunate enough to be in the front table row of Jonathan’s, a wonderful small venue. I hope Sophie will get to Cambridge, Massachusetts when this pandemic is over!

  4. Kim says:

    Hello Sophie,
    Once, I told the children that Khoolakakoo, means; whash your feet before you go to sleep . I sung your song all the time. Afterwards, you said in an intervieuw that it had no meaning.
    I could’nt tell that to the kids of course. It felt like mysteries they understand .

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